bent bike help

I have a '00 650R that has been unstoppable for 4 years now but I thought it might be a good time for a good overhaul.

To my surprise once I got as far as the rear subframe, I noticed that the damn thing was bent to the right (facing the rear) substantially. Now normally I have no reservations about 10 lbs of persuation on the end of 30" of good old Hickory, but I thought there might be a gentler way that some of you have deduced to aid in said situation.

I could also use suggestions on how to hold the thing down tight enough to try bending it back on the bike?

Any help would be appreciated.

I might try putting it in a vice first ,hate like hell to brake some part of the frame for a hundred $ part ya know

Any decent body shop can probably straighten it right.

And the price will be surprisingly cheap if YOU break it down so the bent parts are VERY easily accessible.

I agree you have to anchor it really well.

Ways we used to fix bent crap:

When I used to race desert trucks we bent a lot of stuff and we just used a hydralic ram to push...harbour freight about 100 bucks back then...Or chain it really well to a telephone pole lol then use a come along to your car frame and "gently" pull.We measured 4 cross points in an "X" to tell how out of square it was. Might try that.

I don't know if yours is symmetrical but if it is, thats a couple ways to fix it.

Welcome to the club... I know my subframe is bent, and has been for some time now...

I tried bending mine back, but aluminum is such a pain to work with. I was able to stick a large bar across mine, and anchored the base of the subframe to the wall to keep the bike from moving, and bent away. I don't think it really did much, but I like to think it did... :thumbsup:

Subframe bending 101:

- Subframe on bike, tank and seat off

- Bike leaning against wall, near opening (sticking backwards out of your garage,

leaning against the garage door frame)

- 5' 2x4

- two friends: one to hold the bike upright, one to sight down the frame

- notch 2x4 if necessary with a sawzall

- start bending, 1/2" at a time, and checking for alignment

A buddy told me yesterday that the first few 650r's came with a "tweak" in the subframe?:thumbsup:

I don't know how much bend you are talking about, but you may want to take look at the thread linked below. Mine is tweaked a little and it is basically brand new. It must have came that way because I don't think I've done anything crazy enough yet to warrant a bent subframe. It seems to be a common issue.

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