Looking to Lighten Clutch Pull: I have done my homework, now need educated advice.

I am riding a lot of technical single track and would like to lighten my clutch pull.

At this point the rekluse is out of the question although I appreciate its merits and will consider it someday.

I have an '06 WR450, I am considering getting a hydraulic but I am aware that the 10.5mm bore pull is not significantly lighter than stock. I have read advice that getting the honda 9.5mm bore will have positive results. I understand how, but apparently you would lose some range on the actuator end. Therefore needing more lever movement to disengage fully.

Question 1: Will there be enough throw to keep from prematurely wearing out the clutch plates?

Question 2: Would I be better off by getting the standard 10.5mm bore for the WR and putting the longer actuator bar from a WR400 on it to decrease pull load? Again, would there be enough range in the slave to disengage the clutches with the longer actuator?

Question 3:I know MSR makes a conventional perch that is adjustable, have they improved the casting to keep it from busting all the time? And are there any others that I should consider going with? Would an adjustable perch and longer actuator be the ticket?

I am going to try and get something done this week and would like to roll on it soon.



Man those are some good questions...Rekluse should still be in the question though man...save the duckets and run what ya got till you getta automatic

I ride tight singletrack regularly and had the same problem.

I can't answer your questions as such, but what I did to lighten the pull on my 05 WR 450 was to replace the lever with one made by Ballards in Australia.


You don't even need to replace the perch, this lever has a different pivot ratio and fits the standard perch.

They claim 40% lighter clutch pull and I believe them, it is so much better than standard.

I also made sure my cable was very well oiled and that made a differnce too.


The lever does make a difference. I had one of the cheapo stock cast aluminium Yamaha ones on my old XT, and I replaced it with a lever with a different curve. It actually was closer to the bars when it was not pulled in, so I though I wouldn't get enough pull. It is way lighter pull than the Yamaha ones. Try a few different levers before you start modding everything. You'll probably be surprised how much difference a lever's shape makes.


Ballards has some good stuff :thumbsup:

I wouldn't mind trying Ballard's out, but I am not sure how much it would cost to get it here. At $3.50 a minute to call with no online ordering, it will get higher fast. I have heard a lot of positive stuff about the Ballard's unit. I'm hoping to get some good feedback on the hydraulic unit before I commit.

I know the new KTM's ('07^) have a Brimbo juice clutch, I haven't heard too much about them for other applications though. My buddies 300XC is like squeezing applesauce. I know the WR will not get that light, which sucks, but hopefully I can get a lot better than what I have now.

You do not have to go ballards...just look at the pivot arm on many aftermarket levers...same principle. Those ballards are just marketed to the WR,YZers...tons more out there

this thread really pisses me off

I never thought to investigate clutch lever ratios and the ballard unit seems very reasonably priced.

my left hand was getting so tired/sore from my 06 wr450's clutch I spent $1000NZ on a rekluse pro which got here last week (not yet fitted).

maybe I could have solved the problem for $70-$90 :thumbsup:

Actually its the wr's fault - no big heavy 4 stroke should be as much fun to ride in really tight woods as the wr is. Its so stable/steady in tight conditions - but oh my aching hand....

Somebody just did a thread on making their own light lever by drilling another cable hole just under and just overlapping (slightly to get the cable through) the existing hole , cost zero and it worked , you might have to do a search , i cant remember which forum.

mate,the ballards lever works fine and is a lighter but much cheaper build quality, i fitted a works connection perch and lever on my wr and no more hand cramp.+ cheap in the states too.

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