Remove radiator for AIS removal? '07wr450

Do I need to remove the right radiator to install this? Thanks in advance:thumbsup:

All I had to remove was ~ $175 from my wallet (including parts) and have the dealer do it

No. As I recall, I had to loosen the radiator hose clamp and slide the hose up slightly to allow room for the wrench.

If you loosen the hard pipe radiator tube thats in the way you can turn it and pull it out of the way. I found that made it much easier to get the allen in there. Dont pull it all the way out unless you drain the coolant first.

I second that, just loosen the the pipe fittied the the head and move it slightly out of te way to fit your allen in there. I did pull the hose off and drained a bit of rad fluid but no big deal and real easy !

All I had to do to my 08 is loosen the clamp on one hose and spin it out of the way........remove AIS, install plate and retighten hose clamp.....done leaks, the allen wrench is a tight fit still but worked fine.......

I didn't loosen the rad I just used a small flex head ratchet from the left side to get the hard bolt .

I too, did not have to touch my radiators. I already had Unabikers on too. I used a quality ball end driver on a rachet, no problem at all. Took all of five minutes.

Got it done.... had to slightly loosen the radiator hose on left side to screw in block off plate. All in all, pretty easy and I'm not exactly a wrencher....

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