anyone know if the swingarms are interchangeable.

I have a 98 wr400 and was wondering if all the swingarms off all the different year bikes are interchangeable. I would like look into buying a used one but want to make sure if a different year wr or a yz swingarm would fit. Thanks

Not sure,

i know there was a change in '02. The chain adjuster blocks are smaller because the swingarm is narrower, and the shock lingage bolt is lower because the shock is longer.

So......all I know is that the '02 is different than previous models. I don't know what years are compatable with your 98. I did see a few on ebay lately so if you are in the market, you may want to check that out.

you can change 98 with 99 but you would also have to change rear wheel and spacers.98 has smaller diameter rear axle.wr\yz's 99&up have axle 2mm greater in diameter than 98 models.

02 and 01 are both different, as far as I know 01 and 02 wont interchange unless you go to a Ty Davis or 02 linkage.. 98 and 99 same, I believe but not 100% sure that 00 will also work for you. Hope this helps..


98,99 and 00 are all same design except 98 use a smaller axle.

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