New Bike ...Lots of questions and pics....

just call around and see if you can get a better price that might be kind of high

just call around and see if you can get a better price that might be kind of high
An hour and a half per wheel is about right when you're not trying to salvage the spoke sets. I don't think you can get it done for less.

well although im not a mechanic im a pretty mechanically inclined individual. Do you think i could get this done by myself with the right tools and some patience? I really dont like to pay for things im capable of doing myself.

I've worked at bicycle shops for 10 years building wheels. Although mx hoops are a bit more sturdy, it really is an art for truing a wheel. You caould lace them yourself and then take them to the shop for truing. Hr cost goes down.

You can give it a shot, and the link GR posted is pretty good to follow.

I would triple and quadruple check everything to ensure the wheels are true and spokes are tight before you put them back on the bike.

A wheel that isn't straight and true, or a group of spokes that are not torqued correctly can lead to very bad things (wheel potentially coming apart at speed).

Not saying it will if you do the work, but if it does the results can be really ugly.

yea, well considering all this i might just leave the wheels as they are. I dont really have time now to right now anyways.

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