Front engine mount broken! Can it be repaired?

I have a 98 XR600R engine that sustained damage to the front engine mount, it has broken off in half. I know it is made of some kind of magnesium aluminum alloy. I still have the other half that broke off. Can it be repaired succesfully? Welding, JB weld, bushing or leave it off as is since there is still the top, rear and bottom mounts. Need advice. Thanks!

a pic would help alot to see exactly how it broke off. think its not magnesium and its aluminum.

I think it might be aluminum too.

As for repairing successfully, thats another topic. Can it be fixed? Yes. How long will it stay fixed? Tough to say... My rear brake lever on my 650R broke about two weeks ago, and I was able to tig weld it back together. I even ground down the backside to try to get better penetration. Didn't work. I went into a corner hot last weekend, reached for the rear brake, only to not find one. Overshot the corner a little...

Anyway, found the broken piece, and found that I only had about 40% penetration. Aluminum dissapates heat so well that its really tough to get any kind of welding done, esp on cast alum, which is what you have. So, even if you were to weld it, odds are pretty good that it would just break in the same spot again.

My suggestion? Do what I did; buy the new part. I didn't want to, but I was able to get a new one off ebay for $50 (included shipping), which was cheaper than $80 which is what wanted. You could try welding it, but its tough to say how long it will last; could last the life of the bike, could break tomorrow.

The real issue is, why did it break? You can weld it back together no problem, if you take it to someone who has experience in welding cast japanese aluminum alloy. But whatever made it break is still there: cracked frame flexing, shot suspension, etc.

How about just leaving the front mount as is by just tightening the mounts and installing a bushing since the top, rear and bottom mounts are still there.? Would it cause vibration issues? I don't know how to post a pic.

if you get a pic then you can email to someone and they can post, but there is more to it that just leaving it alone. a 98 model bike with that big of a problem has something else prolly contributing like KRAN said. Get a pic and when you do get on here and i know someone will post it if you email it to them. not alot of mount points so i would say not doing anything and just relying on other mount points will cause more problems down the road for sure.

Ya like denn said.. Future problems will show up soon.It will vibrate a lot causing the others to fail.

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