On Line Source for YZ Throttle Stop Screw

Greeting - does anyone know of an on line source for Yamaha or Kehnin Carb parts? I'm looking for a 2005 or (?) throttle stop screw for my 05 WR 450 F.



Hum - I found the part number for the YZ screw in one of Clark4131 (thanks!) posts with some source links.

I'd be open to your thoughts about OEM on line parts though.


hmm...you're on it. Go to Thumpertalk OEM. If they don't have the parts #"s listed, www.yamaha-motor.com for parts #'s, then plug them into the TT parts search. Bammo, you're done. Bought a bunch of YZ carb parts for my W that way.

Thanks guys. I don't understand the membership fee part of TT OEM parts though.

Or you could just cut the stop to 23.5mm total length :thumbsup:

Howdy - I did cut mine to 23.5 mm however I must have actually cut off a bit more say 22.9 or so. What happens then is that the screw is too short and the carb will stumble at WOT. Or so mine does unless I place a little small rubber cap over the screw. So since I only go one chance at it I'm going to get another screw. I guess I should have measured twice...cut..


the screw is too short and the carb will stumble at WOT

The screw being too short has also been known to cause the throttle to stick at WOT :thumbsup:

I didn't understand the membership fee for the OE TT store either but they saved my almost $40 on my 03 YZ cam alone so........

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