I've searched and found no answers

Ok, I know that some 450 pipes will fit on a 426, mainly the ones with adjustable rear mounts. My question is, will a fmf Q2 for an 04 450 fit on my 426? It has an adjustable mount (rubber clamp) for the back so it should work right? With the front mount be ok? I have a stock header

i believe most pipes are engineered for specific yr/models. it might fit but performance would be the question.

Yeah that's true most of the time. But it's just a silencer/ muffler there can't be that much technology in it. Any other opinions out there?

I had a GYTR muffler with an adjustable mount for my 05 yzf that my buddy now uses on his 01 426. The middle mount was fine, but it did hit the fender a little bit, he's also running the stock header.

did the pipe work well with your friends 426?

It is quieter than the stock pipe, don't know about the power.

Oh well, it doesn't matter any more. I was looking to buy the 04 yz450 Q2 off of ebay for $150, but someone beat me to it before I was brave enough to buy it. I should have just taken a chance and bought it because it was like half price. I did find another one on ebay for $80 more that is for my bike. It's still a lot cheaper than most places, so I will probably go that route.

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