07 wr450 ais help!!

Thanks for the prior inputs. I have the block off plate installed and all ais equipment off. But where does the little metal plug(tt store bought kit) go? Thanks in advance

There is the air box fitting which is roughly 1/2" in diameter then there is the fitting on the intake side of the head that is much smaller.

Get those two pluged because you do not want dirt getting into your engine

Yeah, thanks I got it figured out. Did you see any performance gain?

Not really, but the engine area became nicer to look at :eek:

And now the next time I check the valves, I don't have to deal with removing hoses and getting the air valve out of the way :thumbsup:

I also pulled the rest of the top of my air box out. I never saw the two screws holding on the plastic plate. Hopefully this will help.

What have you done to the exhaust?

I have an FMF TI Powercore slip on and rejetted courtsey of James Dean

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