Rad Braces ?

I see works connection makes rad braces and was wondering if anyone has tried them out.I have rad guards now, is this over kill? Thanks in advance. John

I run the Works Connection guards.....while I haven't had a chance to test them out in a major get off :) I like them. They reinforce the outside edge to help prevent the crushing of the radiator, and the brace on the back side to resist bending the raditor back. They allow you to keep the plastic vanes which I believe aid to direct air through the radiator and help you run cooler IMHO.

What do the works c. gaurds look like?



Sorry guys :) Im interested in rad braces made by works c .They fit behind the rad for extra support.I already have devol rad guards. Can we try again,thanks!

I have looked at works connections. I am in the market as well. There was a recent post on this. There are better options than works connection. Check the ones at www.flatlandracing.com. There's are more beefy and include the front grill that replaces the plastic.


These guards wrap COMPLETELY around the radiator, both front and back, with 3, countem' 3!!, frame mounts, I believe. Some while back, these guards won HANDSDOWN in our online discussion. I have purchased a set and am very impressed in the "Structural Rigidity".

That part (structural rigidity) is to make our Mechanical Engineers, like Brian Meadows, creme his shorts. He loves words like STRUCURAL RIGIDITY, ENTHALPY AND ENTROPY. Those words are just TOO COOL! :)

The guards from Thumper are the same as from flatland. The guy at flatland makes them and sells them to thumper and lets them put their name on them. Youre right Kevin, they are definatly the beefiest on the market. And if you want looks and airflow, these braces win those categories by a landslide also.


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OK, nuke boy - the radioactivity must be taking effect :)

Do a search on my name - Brian Meadows - and find the post titled something like "Moab Jumping Rocks". Those are/were Thumper Racing braces - I straightened it out and am currently using it. I replaced the radiator.


I have DEVOL radiator guards and Works braces on my WR. You have to do a little modifying but hey will fit,I woods ride and crash alot, so I need them both.


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