Aftermarket Plastic

I had to replace my stock radiator shrouds and have had problems with both Acerbis and UFO replacement plastic not fitting where the shroud bolts to the radiator. The angle of the mounting hole is forward and not straight in like the stock plastic. Has anyone else had this problem?

My old 98 WR had the straight shroud bolts on the radiator. I'm not sure what year the lower shroud mount changed angle.

I sounds like the aftermarket plastic you bought is for the old bike.

you can either bend outside fin on radiator where shroud bolts on, out at a little angle or stick a spacer between between radiator and shroud.the plastic spacer that comes with devol radiator guards works good.

'99s have the straight-in style, too. My new (all black!) plastic has the holes at an angle and don't come even close without some SERIOUS bending-inwards of the shroud.

My solution will be to weld up a couple of little extensions complete with welded nut on one end and a hole on the other to bolt to the stock radiator hole and then bend them to the appropriate angle. Should be simple and unobtrusive.

I just put a new YZ rear and front fender on my 250 as I am selling it and I got plastics from polisports,

I was very impressed with the quality as well as the price

the 98/99 were identical.

The 2K and newer had the different mounts.

I agree as previously mentioned: You must have the wrong year shrouds.

I mounted up some ACERBIS and they line up quite fine.

As an FYI, I am running aluminum radiator guards. The ACERBIS, as well as the OEM shrouds, HAD to have the ribs on the inside of the guards trimmed to get the fit right.

put some shrouds on my 98 when i got new graphics this year. the new yzf's (00-02 i think) have the mounting brackets on the radiator fins (louvers), whereas our older ones mounted directly to the radiator (think, but am prob wrong bout mounting to the fins, just appears that way)

anyways, to solve this prob, my dad and i made a bracket out of a piece of aluminum. it's no more than a rectangle of aluminum cut from the kind like you buy @ hardwear stores. it's like 1" tall by about 2 1/2-3"long, and we put a slight "L" bend in it by the old mount to make it reach out to where the new mount needs to be. i have devol radiator guards, so we just mounted it directly to that. feel better with the shroud mounted to the guard rather than rad anyways... reduces chances of rad damage ($ :D$) in the event of a crash. now nothing puts pressure on the rad in a crash. a drill and a couple 10mm nuts and bolts secure the shroud.

for HS season, i went back to my old beat up stock shrouds with the stock mounting holes, and just ziptied them to the front of the devol rad guards (removed mounting brackets.)

hope it helped. :)

racer36 :D

Both the Acerbis and the UFO Shrouds I bought were labled as the product to fit the 00' model. (internet order)

I made some offset brackets from aluminum that look good and work well. Just to add, what started this project is that I had to replce the left radiator $263.00 (ouch) due to a pile up crash. Stock radiator was natural aluminum

apperance, the Yamaha replacement was powercoated gloss black. :) Dealer said Yamaha changed the part # and that that's what I got. I ended up painting both to match (Hammerite Silver)

You know, when you order a taco you want a taco, not a fish burger. :D

Yep! Same thing here. Even the Yamaha replacement shrouds have the same problem. Don't know why. I made some tabs that extend out from my stock mounting holes out to the holes in the new shrouds & used the stock clip at the end of the tabs. Works perfectly & haven't had any problems.

I had same problem. Seems the '00WR400F uses shrouds from a 98-99 WR and YZ, which have flush mounting to the side of the radiator bracket (screws go thru at 90 degrees). '00YZ426 has rad brackets at a 45 degree angle and take newer shrouds. Acerbis and UFO labels are wrong. Champion Motorsports in Costa Mesa had only aftermarket stuff and opened several packages for me to compare side-by-side. It was a lesson for them, too. Don't just trust the label.

Other than a slightly tweaked radiator on the left side, they fit fine.


I buy factory Yamaha plastic for my bike. The overall price for an entire plastic set-up on a WR is $15 more and well worth it. Check out they offer free shipping and they have the best prices on factory OE parts.

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