WER steering stabilizer question

Have WER stabilizer from previous bike. Want to put on my 2006 WR450. I like the unit. Does anyone have any thougths/experience with this unit regarding mounting on WR's as it is NOT what I was hoping for. Mainly, I am going to have to create some kind of bracket to hold lower part of headlight stable. I use this bike in 24hr events, and night riding, and actually USE the headlight, and would like to keep it useful. It is reliable, and works, and for racing, combined with my cyclops, does just fine for a 40+ expert. So, really want to keep the stock light.

I think i may end up having to butcher the whole bottom, lose the mount, and come up with another way to attach to forks/tri clamp.

Any thoughts or photos of results would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Unless you get a reply from someone here who has done it already, I would recommend calling the guys at WER. I bet they could help.

Um, trying to be nice to WER, and yes I called them...zero help, and i mean zero.

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