07 chain lenght ?

Can I run a 14/52 on a stock chain?

Yes, you should be able to, no problem. Stock gearing is 14/50, I have run 15/50, you want to run 14/52, that's only one tooth more.

Stock gearing on an 07 is 13/50 not 14/50 like the 06s and before. You should be able to use the stock chain, but why do you want to change it to 14/52 anyway? It's virtually the same ratio as stock.

^^^^ good point on the gearing change not really being noteworthy^^^^

I would not change the sprockets without changing the chain too, especially the stock chain:prof:

Most chains I believe come at 120 links, I use 116 or so for stock gearing on my 07'

Good Luck:ride:

I change to 13/52 and for where I was riding it was a little too low. So instead of putting on the stock 50 I thought that I would try a 14 on front. That way I've got some gearing options. So would a 14/52 fit on a stock chain?

Basically, going down one tooth on the front is like going up 3 teeth on the rear. I actually run 14/50 on my 07 because i ride 50/50 on island roads / trails. I was trying to stretch the lower gears a little. Mavis, what is it exactly that you are trying to do with your gearing?

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