03 worth?

03 450 wr, good condition asking $3500. What should I offer?



Not more than $3000 I would say. That bike is getting old....5 years old, 4 stroke so that engine fix er upper clock is ticking....it has known starter and woodruff key issues from back in the day.

I'd say it was a good deal at $2500 and an ok deal at $3000 and not worth the money at $3500.

there is a local listing here for a 2003 wr450 with a complete supermoto setup with dirt wheels as well for 3500...

dont settle.

Funny how 03 gets labeled as getting old. Have a buddy with a 96 XR600 and one with a 93, they never get thought of as 'old.' I consider my 03 WR to be pretty new. Seems to me depends on how much it is ridden, how hard, and how it is maintained. Lots of dirt bikes just sit in garages and don't get ridden much. Another buddy just sold 2000 XR400 that looked brand new, had maybe 300 miles.

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