Clarke YZ style seat & tank

I just ordered a Clark YZ style tank and an SDG seat for my 01WR426. I almost went with the IMS and hope I didn't make a mistake by not going that route. Does anyone else have this type of set up? If so is there any special tricks I should know about making this conversion? There will soon be a all black WR on the trails. Later.

No tricks for me.......just enjoy a whole new

bike :)

I have that same setup on my WR. It has worked out great for me. It has been on for over a year now and both are holding up just fine. I don't think you will be dissappointed. No special tricks, just bolts right up! Enjoy.

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i love mine bolted right up .it's like a whole new bike :)

Mine didn't go as easy as everyone else's did. In order to give the tank enough clearance at the frame mount, I had to use a grinder on the bolts that are welded to the frame. Just a little relief of those bolts made the tank very easy to remove and replace. This mod took 5 minutes.

I love the combo. It makes Blue (or Black in your case ) turn so much quicker.

My new Clarke tank needed some work to fit my bike. One of the tank mounts wasn't drilled properly. I had to re-drill it. Also once the mounts were in place it wouldn't fit over the frame mounting bolts. Rather then grind the bolts down I removed and trimmed the rubber grommet this gave me the clearance that I needed. My SDG seat doesn't have the best fit either. There is a lot of side to side slopp at the front of the seat. I doesn't slip far enough back on the tank mounting stud. This allows too much slopp at the seat and tank juncture. Overall the new riding position is much better then my stock set up. It really lets me get over the front end much better. I have to say that I am a little dissappointed with the Clark tank mounting trouble and the SDG slopp. The stock fit and finish is much better.

My SDG seat was a little loose at first, but after a couple of long rides it tightened up!

go figure.

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