Head Pipe Removal For Oil Change???

DO I HAVE TO REMOVE THE HEAD PIPE ON MY 2000 WR 400 TO CHANGE MY OIL EVERYTIME??? OMG......................................:thumbsup:

You don't need to totally remove it. Just loosen it and push it up to gain access to the oil filter cover upper fwd bolt. Yamaha didn't fix this until 2001. Most aftermarket headers will clear without loosening them.

If you get a stock header of a 2001+ WR/YZ426 then you won't have to loosen it to get to the oil filter. I've also read somewhere on here that you can twist the old headers out the way enough and bolt them up tight so there's just enough clearance to get to the top bolt without loosening it.

I have a 2006 wr 450f and it has a complete yoshimura pipe and I have to take it off to replace the oil filter. Kinda sucks because the head pipe is larger diameter than the stock, but what a difference it makes on the bike.

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