Where did you ride your WR today

I am truley blessed, I live accross the street from state land and ride from my garage, I can pick any number of trails and could ride for days, last weekend I circled the empire mountains, 46 miles in 2 hours, had to cross a state highway but whatever, I live near Tucson so I ride all year at least once a week, sorry to rub it in but I love it here......

That is beautiful sunset, its a big world to ride in. Happy Easter, it's going to be 70 degrees in Northern Nev-a-duh today. We rode the Pinenuts yesterday, snow up high still but great single track. Sunday mass is out in the desert today. Have a good one... Jeff S

Sweet picts. guys:applause:

A few of us did about 200 miles yesterday. We headed out of Western NC via tight twisty asphalt, in route to a motocross track in SC. It was a great day and now the knobs are begging to be bolted on.


I can count on one hand how many times I've ever been on a track, but it was cool to have a blast coming and going from the track. No trailer required:thumbsup:



This bike brings out the hooligan within.

60 mile loop over streams up to 6000' elevation and back down to 2500' only saw 1 other biker a 2 jeeps on the trail. Still had snow up there

SoCal - the bottom of big bear 1N09

Saguaro Lake, Arizona. Lots of varied terrain, sand washes that are brutal. I ride the dunes no problem but the sand in these washes are unforgiving.

Red Mountain, CA

kamloops b.c , ripped around some big ol gravel pits , wicked hill climbs . should of brought a camera .

Fairy city OOPS Prarie city/ hang town. Just had to ride, Beautyfull 76 deg nor cal


That's a sweet pic:thumbsup:

It was a desert ride for me. A 90km triangular circuit with a good mix of terrain - soft sand, lots dunes, a few big dunes and some harder tracks.

A practice run for a Baja type event on 04 April

Rode it to work today. The road was covered in packed snow and my rear tire is smoked so it was challenging and fun.

I wanted to thank all that have spoke up on "Where did you ride today" I really like hearing from all parts of our country. So keep it going! We will again venture out to Aka-tee-O this week for Thumper Thursday its just started to get hot maybe our last cool ride for the season there, however keep up with the WDYRT forum and you might see the Reeper screaming through your piece of ground.


I rode to the top of jug handle mountain in McCall idaho.. oh yeah and there was three feet of new snow ??? check out the snow bikes...were coming

my buddy rode it 500 miles away from where i am... i'm getting it back on saturday though!

That's a sweet pic:thumbsup:

thanks (used my sons account to post it)

couple of days later we were here...


Riding again on Sunday (its Friday night here) .... can't wait :prof:

We went riding at Herrling Island today. I didn't bring a camera but were going again this weekend so I'll post some then...

Took my oldest daughter out on her KLX110 to MM11 here in AZ! Rode the quad trails to warm up then showed her some single track. She loved it:applause: :prof:

Well, as promised here are some photos from Herling island taking this weekend.it has been raining here a bit off ad on so there was just a tiny bit of mud :prof:

Before the4 ride


During the ride


And after it was all said and done


Just plated WR.

Same day bent a lever in Kailua...I mean Kahuku. :prof:


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