Where did you ride your WR today

just rode it on the road with my riding buddies;


Rode "the powerline" trails, Nassau, Bahamas. Picked up a nail in the center of my rear tire and was still able to ride the bike 15 road miles home with no problems and without air!!! I sat close to the tank and the tire rode fine, as if it wasnt flat... I Love my Metzeler 140 Sahara.

well yesterday i rode it at Glen Helen for the 6 hour endurance race... ended up riding 6 laps and my buddy rode it 5 laps; each lap was 10 miles.

Just out back here. Put about 15 miles on her. Trying to map out some new mountain bike trails. Much easier and less tiring with the wr. Not to mention a lot more fun. :prof:

rode on our farm in kentucky, oh how I cant wait till summer! It was awfully muddy down there, but, I think that just made it more fun. Damn what would I do without a bike..

Hatfield & McCoy...

Little Coal River today. Not sure what tomorrow. Depends on how much rain we are getting as we had a boat load of rain today....

my neighbor is taking his to baja tomorrow.

Been riding between the icy patches in Alaska. Snow is melting fast. Come on Spring!!

We spent a wind blown week out at Oca-tee-o last wed. to saturday logged close to 200 miles temp was cool in the AM with mid day up around 90* the WR runs great with the new FMF Q-4 however I did manage to tweak my clutch lever in the sand woops. Need to pick up some gaurds before we go out next week. Anyone have a type of hand/clutch lever gaurds they have installed and would recommend I am looking at the acerbees with the alloy reinforcment.

acerbees with the alloy reinforcment.

What I use with no problems.

Rode out back again. Logged another 15 miles. Worked out some MTB trails to ride.

Only way to map out course is on aDB. However caution must be used cause the DB climbs much better and with less effort than the MTB.

Rode Browning fork in the baby shite mud... once you got off the two trail entries you were ok. But for the first few miles it was slick.

Charlleau gap near Tucson, rated as 1 of 3 extreme 4x4 roads in AZ, my buddy Nate drowned his bike in deep hole, took an hour to get going again, super fun ride, pictures do no justiceHPIM0620.jpgHPIM0616.jpg

My bro and, I ripped up the Moon rocks area and, Hungry valley! Just put on the IMS tank and, jetted it. Just about ready for the race on Sunday!DSC00464.jpg:prof:

went to jawbone and rode over to dove springs on saturday.It was a nice little ride good weather to .

YZ Dawg,

That looks like a great ride. Can you give us some details on were this is in Tucson (highway? exit? ect.) whats the elevation? Is there a place to set-up camp with the rigs?

Nelson, NV-- best riding location around. The weather is PERFECT!

porterville MX park... gotta get mx training in for the grand prixs and worcs races.

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