Monroe and Chester N.Y. ridding areas

I will be visiting Monroe and Chester N.Y. Do you know of any ridding areas close by or clubs I can contact?

Hey Levy,

I live in upstate N.Y., where is Monroe and Chester in N.Y.. I live in Albany, but ride up in Saratoga area and the Adirondacks. So let me know where those places are and I will ask around for you.

It is almost definite I am moving there. The map says Albany is about 100 miles north of me. Tell me where you ride and are you aware of any clubs or Internet sites I should visit? Thanks

not to sure but i heard of a place called power line alley around that area, if its due south of albany, mostly illegal i think ,but hey its riding....there is a place in new jersey called the newjersey off road vehicle park, here is there site its down in central jersey but its fun there is a membership fee for a year.

in 2002 it was 200 for year for an adult and 50 for any young ones 14 or under, or 45 dollars a day on fri. sat. or sun. and holidays hope this helps if i hear any thing else i'll post it.

lots of tracks to ride here in the Hudson Valley. Check out and all the links

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