Is a clean 98 WR400 worth $1,500 or get my 04 Back?

I haven't had a dirt bike since my 04 WR450. I didn't ride it enough to justify the cost. It would be nice to have a bike (when I'm not on the streets on my Blackbird) to throw a leg over and hit the back 40. I came across a really clean 98 wr400 that the seller is asking $1,500. Really clean with a White Bros' exaust. Is this a good price? Also, what real world differences can I expect coming off the 04 besides the obvious lack of electric start?

I can also get my 04 back for probably $3,000. The seller bought it from me 2 years ago and claims to have ridden it twice. Says it has too much power for him. He's asking $3,500. Would this be a better choice at twice the price?

I bought my '99 400 a year ago for $1600, the guy was asking $1950 but needed cash. These bikes hold their value big time and the 400's are kinda tough to find around Michigan. If it's clean I'd say it should be pretty solid for you!

I got my 2000 400 2 years ago for 1500, they guys wife wanted money to remodel their basement so the price of the bike went in my favor. I love the bike, has enough power to anything you want. If you have the starting procedure down it will start on the second kick at most when cold.

Thanks Guys.

you know what you are getting with buying your old bike back.You know every time you are kicking the 426 to start it you are going to wish you bought the 450.I guess it depends on how bad you need the extra 1500 dollars.

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