Where to get a stiffer sock spring

Alright I ordered the race tech fork springs today with the gold valve kit for front and rear but they don't make the rear near my spring rate(10.9). The close one they made was 11 but they don't make it any more. Anyone one of other company that sells something near my spring rate?

Is a stiffer sock spring the kind of spring that keeps your socks from falling down, kind of like an elastic band? :thumbsup:

Try Eibach

Lol funny thumpmeister.....yeah didn't notice that and won't let me edit it so I guess the sock is staying. I will check them out tomorrow.


You can edit the title if you click on "Go Advanced."

Try Eibach. They make an 11 and atleast a 11.5 if not a 12.

Shoot the TT Store an email or give us a call. We source from many. If its out there we can get it either from a distributor or manufacturers directly.

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