Chain guide wear.

I picked up a 426 about a month ago, It has a 52 tooth rear sprocket, It seams to be wearing out the rear chain guide due to the larger diameter of the sprocket. I'm wondering if ther is a fix for running a larger sprocket to keep the guide from wearing faster. A cheap fix or maybe an aftermarket guide that sits lower? What do you guys do, I have some pics,I know the chain is loose in the one.



a 52 is very large - maybe a 50 or 49 would be better what kind of riding are u doing?

I do a little of everything, trails, hill climbs, mostly like to hit a track and do some laps. This is what it had when I got it, It really seams to make the gears really short, 1st to 2nd you really cant tell that the rpm's dropped much, but with the rpm range of the 426 it makes it up. I still like the pull throught the gears.I havent been on a good track to try it out yet, The guy I got it from said he lowered the gearing so he didnt have to hit first gear through the corners.I kinda like the response and hit with the lower gear. This is my first 4 stroke, so maybe going back to the stock gearing and really taking advantage of the low end would be a different game for me. my last bike was a 2 stroke 250(an 85YZ) . So far I am impressed with the 4 stroke technology and like the way the bike runs, just curious if anyone has ran into this.

If you like the gearing and you're replacing sprockets, you could try going back to the stock 49 tooth rear and putting a 13 tooth front on. That will be slightly higher than what you have now (assuming you have a 14 tooth front), but still much lower than 14/49.

My chain is showing some noticeable wear after only 2 hours of riding because of the rear chain guide. I have a stock 49 tooth on my 426, but the slider block is all eaten up and worn.

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