gpr sabalizer question

Alright I want to order a gpr sabalizer tomorrow and I can either order the under bar mount or over bar mount. I want the under bar mount but what do I need to get for that? risers and high bars will work? Thanks for any help.

under mount will have the risers already built in. You will want a very low bent bar, unless you like the ape hanger look. I had and under mount with cr double high bars once, for about 10 minutes.

Thanks, I will order the under bar gpr tomorrow and wait till it comes in and check out bars then. Unless anyone else would like to give advice for bars with the gpr.


maybe get the mount first then you can see how high it actually raises your bar mount position and then check some different bar bends from there. Bars are like shoes where not every pair fits so best to get a feel for them, if not there is measurements on this site too, you can PM valerie and she will give you a link to bar measurements, shes done it for me before.

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