Pictures XR600/XR650L,R &NX650 Air Filters ?

XR600/XR650L,R &NX650 Air Filters

After looking on EBay,

I noticed that Air Filters

for the above similar engines,

are different Sizes and Shapes.

Has anyone Compared the Airfilters,

for the above MC's,

to see which

has the Biggest or Best design?

If you have access to the Airfilters

can take a Picture,

of the Airfilters Side by Side?

Then, Post that Picture,

here on TT?

Don't trust images you see on ebay.

If the seller is a regular ebay dealer, they may use a generic air filter image for all of their sales.

Be specific on which year and model you want info on, then call your local Honda dealer and ask for specific part numbers for the air filters.

I imagine that most late model 600R and 650L filters are the same, 650R filters are different, and NX 650 (older bike) filters will be different too.

You're better off checking with the dealer.

Good luck.

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