Cheaper tires..who's got the hookup

So my online distributor finally rolled gas prices into his inventory I guess and my good tire deals are no more to be seen there.sign0010.gif So where do YOU get your tires for bottom dollar. Dunlop 606 or Kenda 760. Kenda seems cheaper these days but where is the cheapest?

I've been getting my Kenda knobs from Rocky Mountain Atv.

Good prices and quick shipping.

^^^^^^^^ What he said. Rockymountain has the cheapest prices I've seen for tires

I bought my last dunlops from Rocky Mtn...and I live like 30 mins from Dennis Kirk. DK says they match, but make you work to do it.

my friend has a hookup to get tires at wholesale. RMATV is about 3 buck more than his price! is the cheapest that i have found for the Dunlop 606 (and other brands), and it seems to last the longest without compromising traction on both dirt and blacktop. My WR450 loves them!


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