A Word About "Is this bike worth $????" Threads

Would have been great, but I was doing the family thing and I would be "soon-to-be-single" if I tried to jump ship. Besides, Frostbite is the only guy that can ship a WR on a plane...SC

You flew? Man, the security line was probably longer than the flight! :confused: The wife and kids all needs bikes too, then it becomes a "family" thing. :excuseme:

My 6 year old just took the training wheels off his TTR50 last week, I just bought the wife a Wolverine 450 in January, and the 3 year old is still a bit young, but he's got an electric quad that he rides around the neighborhood. The security lines weren't all that bad either :confused:...SC

Pipe down you blow hard. It a a freakin' internet forum...we talk about stupid crap all day on our companies' time. This isn't high brow, educated discussion.

True story!!! :excuseme::confused:

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