My White 08 450 With Blue Plastics.





IMG_3053 (Custom).jpg

IMG_3059 (Custom).jpg

IMG_2875 (Custom).jpg

I love the tripple clamps!!

I like the graphics and seat cover, (I have two Toyota's)

Nice but it would look better dirty!

black wheels and blue hubs would finish the BIKE.. or just blue hubs.. man that's a clean looking bike, and i am a sucker for being the King of Bling> good looking bike.

Looks great. Way better than white in my opinion. White bikes just don't stand out, they are just kinda boring to me. Blue stands out more (especially since everyone with a Yamaha has either a yellow or a white one now).

Good looking bike!

nice bike, but i keep thinking how funny it is though that you paid extra for a white version and then paid again to get blue plastics (that arent even OEM).

what kind of plastics did you buy? i want a set of blue plastics for my white 07 and wasn't sure what kind to get...

Looks awesome! :thumbsup:

Throw a match at it and let it burn!!

JK, Looks really good! Looks extra clean, good Job!

one hell of a bike you got there!

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