Tire size question

Ok no luck when I searched.

Fast question.

What is the handeling difference between a 90/90-21 and a 80/100-21?

well...I can tell you this... I just put a 90/90-21 on the front of my pig. And I can't tell.....so there you have it!!:thumbsup:

The tire sizing works like this 90 tire width / 90 tire hight -rim size.

Yeah I understand how the sizing works was just wondering about differences in performance.

80 = width

100 = percentage of width to height so 100% = 80 height

90 = width

90 = 90% of width = 81 height

So only difference is from my understanding 10mm wider on the front.

Currently I'm running a 90/90-21 and thinking about going to a 80/100-21.

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