: what is the advantage?

Hi guys,

When I send parts in Canada, I would usually go for a Cash On Delivery (C.O.D). I would like to trade with guys from the US but CODs are not possible across the Canada- US border.

Could somebody explain to me how you make sure to be paid if you send parts to another guy and expect that guy to pay you via I've red all infos on their site but still don't get it :). (English is not my first language but usually I'm not that bad at understanding what I read :D).

Thanks for helping me out again :D

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no advantage to using pay pal other than a quick way to send or receive money . first you have to register a credit card with pay pal and set up an account after that you are free to send and receive money although the sender is charged a 3%(i think) fee . the way it works in your case is when you receive notice from pay pal via e-mail that someone has sent you a payment you ship the parts . :)

So I was right: paypal is not a real way to deal if none of the two person (the seller or the buyer) risks to send money without having the parts or risks to send the parts without having the money. One of the two has to trust the other to get it work.

thanks again


Both users have to have an account.The person sending the money either sends it from a bank account or credit card.Th reciever if they do alot of bussiness(normally over $100 a month) is charged 3.1% percent of the transaction.I use Paypal alot and have yet to be screwed.The money is pretty secure unless the sender disputes the charge.

Once you accept the money You can have paypal transfer the money to your acount.It takes about 3-4 days.

Hope this Helps

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