wr450 complete exhaust onto wr400?

Hi all, have tried serch but cant find an answer on this, I was looking to get a complete wr450 system for my 400 as am having difficulty getting one in the UK and there are loads for the 450 on the go? I dont mind if I have to modify it here and there!



hi there bud,

my exhaust system was fitted to a 2003 wr450 before i bought it and fitted it to my 2001 wr400......i've got a white brothers e-series.

also.....the white brothers header pipe is a slightly different shape which makes changing the oil filter easier, and makes removing the crank case cover and water pump cover a lot easier.


hi there, i tried my 01 426 exhaust on my 05 wr450 and it wouldn't fir but i tried m stock 05 yz450 pipe on my 01 wr426 and it did fit, if this helps you any, oh ya it was just the end can not the header pipe

I tried a aftermarket silencer from a 06 wr450 on my 01 wr426 and it fit pretty good. The mounting points line up but the mid pipe was really close to the bottom of the shock reservior. My friend said it fit close on the bike he pulled it off also. I think it is a trait of the pipe manufacturer, DMC I think. If you try this please post results. I would like to get a FMF q4 with a mega bomb header if it would fit.

I put a 04 stock YZ pipe front and back on my 2000 400WR. I had to egg out the lower mounting hole a little to get the bolt to fit. But other than that it all went ok.

Thanks for the replies guys, think I will go for the full system as I want to get rid of my horrible black front pipe and have better access to the filter as mentioned.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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