Helpppp Can i run 90/90/21 Fronts?

I drooped wheels off and dealer put on a 90/90/21 by accident what will this do. should I try it or take it off? Im getting readt to go ride now and havent put it on yet because i dont want to break my neck because of it. what should I do? 08 450

It will be fine.

Its a Michelin m12 will i notice and difference or anything to be careful about? Im sitting here in my riding gear typing ready to walk out the door and hit the track. Ican here my buddy riding :thumbsup:

Thats for the help and thanks gray for pm im going to try it out hopefully next time I talk to you guys I wont be on pain killers from the accident haha:ride:

The M-12 is a good will like it.

Try it if you like. You might really like the tire. In general, the wider 90mm front tires work better on mid to harder surfaces, but not as well as the same design in an 80 on soft to mid surfaces. The steering MAY feel ever so slightly heavier under certain circumstances.

Tire felt nice and planted but only thing i noticed was seemed like it wanted to come out of ruts a little more-stand up. Might have been me just worried about the tire and not looking ahead enough. I hit a triple that I have never hit before because its been so wet here and it was just built, first 5 times went great them almost died landed in a really soft spot of unpacked dirt and front tire just stuck :thumbsup: my nose was on front fender but I saved it. Its a big step up triple that you get really high on. I had just been doubling it for past few weeks.

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