Cam circlip question

Checking valves on my 04 yz450. There were no circlips on either cam when i pulled it apart. I have never been into this motor before, i probably have about 15 hours on it since i bought it from the last owner. There doesnt seem to be any damage, does anybody know what i should look for? I ride pretty hard, i am suprised something bad didnt happen.

Are you talking about part #3? Are you sure they are not stuck in the cam caps?


Yeah, #3 is what i am talking about, and no, they are not stuck in the caps. weird .:thumbsup:

Well, I guess if there does not appear to be any damage then I would order new clips and slap it back together. Just make sure that they didn't actually fall down into the head or down the cam chain passage (which has happened to me :thumbsup: )

Or you could call the previous owner and let him know that you figured out where those extra parts on his workbench are supposed to go. :eek:

The clips are rather obviously there to correctly locate the cams in their bearing saddles, align the cam sprockets with the crank sprocket, and place the cam lobes just very slightly off center over the lifters (so that the lifters rotate in operation; makes them wear better). The potential for damage was certainly there. Look things over, and if it all seems normal proceed as suggested by the Wiz.

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