Longevity for those who have tried each of...

So thanks to those who guided me in on the "hookup". Looking at cost I have just one more question. Longevity D606 vs. K760 trackmaster. I have only run the 606's and they hold up really good on the street. Amazing actually, considering that they are Knobbers. It turns out that they are now twice the cost of the 760's. So is the sacrifice (you get what you pay for most of the time) one of longevity, compound=grip on the street, or does this really boil down to the name? I know that everyone has an opinion that could go a lot of ways but I would really like to hear from those who have ran each on the street to see if I will just be buying 760's again in half the time I would be buying 606's should I go this route...thanks:thumbsup:

I got 800 mi. out of the Kenda. My buddy Yanni got 1500 out of the d606.

I think the 606's are better on the street and last longer. I also think the kenda's are better in the woods.

I've got a AC 10 on the way and I'm thinking it will will be in between the two....I hope:thumbsup:

Thanks dude..looks like my suspicions are somewhat on point...can either buy two sets of Kendas or one set of Dunlops...maybe having two sets of freshys for the same amount of dough is the better way to go:thinking:

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