We have GOT to get out and vote this Tuesday. If we don't vote, how can we get anything changed or prevent anymore STUPID laws from being passed. Go to this site for some info on the candidates. Kalifornians! You people need to do some major rearranging in a BAD WAY!!!

If you don't VOTE don't BITCH !!!

You're damn right!

As I mentioned in the other thread, 27 years without ONE SINGLE MISSED ELECTION. And I decide long before I get to the voting booth, too. So get your sample ballot and start reading. And for God's sake, GO VOTE ON TUESDAY!


PS: I am ashamed at how many co-sponsors of this new Roadless bill are from California. We have done a lousy job of keeping these losers out of office.

In Socialist republic of Kalifornia we need to vote out "<font color="pink"> GAY " Davis! I've been telling everyone for 10 years to vote out the Socialist Barbara Boxer, but everyone thought I was X-treme for that stance. Now after SO much has been taken away, and more to come, maybe I'm in the mainstream again!

BTW for those in Kalifornia like me, I sent an E-mail about the Wilderness Bill, to every politician I could think of. I received plenty of " <font color="purple"> form letter " E-mails back, but only U.S. Congressman Elton Gallegly representing Ventura County and some of LA County actually responded. I received a personalized letter back that actually responded to my specific points, telling me that he is against and WILL VOTE against the wildnerness bill. He commented on some "very good points" I made and will continue in his fight. It was personally signed (not stamped). Guess who has my vote for anything else he ever runs for? :)


Just wanted to bring this back to the top of the list. It's where it should remain until Tuesday just so it reminds people to get out there.


Californians, please vote smartly!

I have a female friend who is into off roading and off roading helps her make a living (no, she's not in the "industry") and she was telling us to vote Gay Davis!


But that just goes to show, she had also said (years ago) she would vote for Hillary if she (it) ran for Prez.

My God....

Part of the problem we have here (CA) is that so many people simply DON'T vote. I know so many dirt bike riders (in CA.) that think it's a waste of time and it doesn't mean anything. It's sad.


(voting Simon, among others for freedom)

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