Clutch HELP!!!

I got a 2006 WR450F. I just put in a Revloc clutch. It's running fine but my cable slack is very loose. I got it all spread out to the max and still too much slack so I opened up my clutch and was surprised to see that the nut holding the inner hub came off. Only thing I can remember was that when I first put on my clutch basket and inner hub I only had a few threads on the shaft and the nut was not fully on the shaft but that was all I could tighten it. Now when I tried to put it back again the clutch basket went in deeper and I installed the inner hub and the locking tab and nut. I put the push rod back and then the revolc pressure plate. I started up my bike and when I put it in gear the bike just died. I tried to push the bike forward in gear and it locks up and won't roll forward. I know that with the auto clutch the bike is supposed to roll forward in any gear. So I'm stuck and need some ideas on how to remedy this problem. Also when I took off my basket again I can't get it to sit in all the way I had it the first time. Any suggestion? Thanks :thumbsup:

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