About 22 miles a gallon

On my 07 wr450 with stock gearing and pipe jetted and free mods, I get around 22mi per gallon,

and I was reading over at Husqvarna 4stroke they are getting around double that 40+ with EFI is there that much difference? between carburation and EFI

??? I can't imagin there is...

It depends on where and how your riding . but that is very poor vs. my 07 wr450 with the super moto setup on it I've got as high as 54 mpg out of it but that is on the road regeared and rejetted on a dyno. in the trails with the knobbies I get 36- 42 mpg .I just think you need to get your bike tuned .

I get about 45mpg trail & dual sport riding.

I can go 100 miles on the stock 2003 gas tank before switching over to reserve. We ride single track, whoops, street, and gravel roads up to 75 mph.

My bike has the James Dean jet kit, Yoshimura RS-3 full exhaust, and 15-50 gearing.

California desert riding I get ~35 miles / gallon on my '07

I have to switch to reserve at around 30 miles...time for a bigger tank...

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