Did I miss any parts?

Alright well I bought a bunch of stuff to rebuild my 94 xr600. It already has a white bros slip on, airfilter, dual sport light kit, and a rear ss brake line. The parts I order are:


Black Excel front rim and spokes

Black Excel Rear rim and spokes

Front and rear wheel bearing kit


Front and rear race tech gold valve kits

Stiffer front race tech springs

Fork seals

gpr stabalizer

Swing arm bearing kit

Linkage Bearing kit


Front and rear master cylinder rebuild kits

Front and Rear caliper rebuild kits

Front and rear brake pads

SS Front Brake line


Magnetic drain plug

complete engine gasket set

Throttle and clutch cables


works connection frame guards

W.C. skid plate

Its late so I know I am missing some stuff. I plan on ordering asv levers tomorrow. I'll pick up common stuff like oil, tubes and tires when the stuff comes in. I haven't ordered much engine parts because I am going to tear it down and not sure what I need to order yet. I wanted to keep the engine pretty much stock. I'm just trying to rebuild everything so I know what I am starting with. I have a small list of other stuff I want to order but can't find it at the moment. So out of this list does anyoen have any advice on more parts to order? Thanks for any help

all i can say is DAMNNNNN sounds like fun!! Now did ya have to sell the YSR50 to afford all that?? remember a buddy had one when i was in HS that was a fun little bike and i almost bought it from him but i lived out of town in the country so the highway wasnt the place for a stocker when its hard to roll around 55.

No I didn't sell the ysr. Acually have a bunch of those little bikess. Pretty fun bikes. I got cost+10% on all motorcycle parts through a store so I get a nice discount otherwise I wouldn't order all those parts. Very sad...the gpr stabalizer is on backorder for 3 months....anyone like the scotts?

Post some pics of the bike when you get your stuff. I just installed Excels w/Talon hubs, Talon Groovelite sprocket set, new DID chain. I really like the Excels. I got the gold rims for a sweet deal, but my 1st choice would have been the black rims. I hope to fit a $tabilizer on mine soon too. Good Luck!



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