Show us pics of your "old school "wr400's

Here's my '00 hard charger.


Here's Blewbyou as I sometimes call her....also a '00 Wr400F - nice headlight on your btw :thumbsup:



Thats toooo cold for me!!:eek: and a :thumbsup: clean bike


What kind of headlights are those on your bike??? They look way sweet!!

Also im very new to this how do you put your pic on like that rather than having a link to the photo bucket thing?? im a mechanic not a computer guru lol....?????


my '03

although she is a 450 but i considered her as an "old school" too..


Thanks Marky and Headhunter.

That exact headlight may no longer be available - the bulbs are tupical 50W MR16 halogens used for homes, I needed to replace them when I got the bike, so I bought outdoor ones, one is a spot, the other a flood - get REALLY good coverage.

Here are similar headlights: (actually just noticed mine must be the UFO twin since it's identical

With regards to putting the pics in, use photobucket, copy the lowest link under the thumbnail on photobucket (the link with p><p>and if you think my bike' alt='5-Hardatwork.jpg'>



What an awesome little chav you have there, my girls (15&11) ride but wont get their hands dirty, always seem to pick up the hammer though?!!:thumbsup: (have to hide them when they enter the garage......)

Now that looks as clean as a bike can get I hope i can get my boy that excited about it just picked him up a KLX 110 for his first bike 2 days ago..

And thaks for the photo info too...


My very used 1999 WR400. Was replaced by an 06 WR450 on Tuesday. Sorry no pictures of the new bike yet.


Oh man Matt4x4, your kids bike is awesome! Great parenting there, and great mechanical skills and attention to detail on your kid's part! I don't know what it looked like before you started restoring it, but I have always loved buying a cheap totally abused bike and rebuilding it 'better than new' (mechanically and cosmetically). It feels great to rebuild something yourself, and it is usually a good lesson for all involved. Sorry to steal the WR thread.

I love the older WR's and I am currently looking at an older beat up one to restore here in Florida. We'll see... -Todd

Well done 4x4! Your young fella's a handy man with the spanners!:confused:


01 426 :cheers: still old iron





Here's my 99 WR400 before i stripped it down for a full rebuild.


Yo- Nice to see THE ORIGINAL's that started it all - as TT was originally a WR400 Website - started by Mr.B.

Question _ I am rebuilding my 00' and looking for graphics - not much out there and I searched all over- anyone have any leads for decent graphics.

Here is mine, it has serial # A000047, I'm guessing it's the 47th ever made!

slightly dirty:


Pretty dirty:


Its a 426 not a 400, but still "old school". :cheers::thumbsup:






MY 2000 WR 400, this bike is still so great I have a hard time thinking about getting a new one. Any thoughts?



My new-to-me 2002 426:


Heres my 99 WR400


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