First time out the garage - rough steering

I got the 06 out the garage today. First time since October. Checked everything out and fired here up (4 kicks not too bad). After about a 5 minute warmum I decided to put around the block and noticed that the steering felt stiff/heavy. On the stand I can turn the bars pretty easily and don't feel any restriction. I thought it might be fork related however I just had the fork seals/fluid replaced last October. Could it be just first time out bugs with things still being "storage" stiffness? Thanks.

On the stand I can turn the bars pretty easily and don't feel any restriction.

Then it would seem that your head bearings are fine (or at least not bad). This may sound silly but did you check to see if you have any air in your front tire?

Check the steering stem to ensure that it is not loose.

I checked tire pressure (after ride) and it was a little low so maybe that was part of the problem. I hope its not fork related - the forks felt really stiff last year after the fluid change. I think the dealer put in a heavier fork weight oil and my initial impression was that it was very stiff. I won't really know I guess until I get out for a track ride but may need to take out some fork oil to soften the feel.

Check the damping settings also.

I would check the bearings...friend of mine had same symptoms and found the bearing grease was not really there and they were starting to sieze..

the weight of the bike off the stand puts more pressure on the bearing than on the stand.

He had never greased them after buying it new...they don't really put alot on em at the factory.

when is the last time you checked the steering bearings or the lube in them?

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