650L Front end alignment??

Hey All, long time lurker....first post.

I picked up a used 2001 650L bout 2 months ago. been sitting in the garage since. rode it for the first time today since the weather finally was decent enough. the previous owner had dumped it on the right side. just some scratches on the plastic and cracked turn signal. so I thought. As its going down the road in a straight line....the handle bars are turned slightly to the right. I thought the handlebars were bent. I replaced them and it has improved..but still not correct. Is this just an adjustment of the triple trees? can I just loosen the clamps, hold the tire, turn the bars a little, then tighten?



Usually you dont even need to loosen the clamps. Just lock the tire between your legs and tweak the bars to straighten. Get a fork brace also. I like my RSW brace.

If its bad, cause this has happened to mine a couple times, just loosen all 8 of the tree bolts, and the four small nuts that clamp the axle to the fork, then find two solid somethings to wedge the front wheel between and appy even pressure in the opposite direction of the problem until you feel confident that its straight, then tighten everything back up. Easy peasy, japanesey!

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