yz426 susp. setting for trails only

I wasnt sure if this is better in the suspension or yz426 forum. I am fairly new to dirt biking but am learning quick. One area that I havent ventured to work on is my suspension. After thinking about it it seems very stiff. So I am going to set my sag first and then work on making my suspension softer. Does anyone have a good starting point for me? I am 6'4 175 without gear and ride only double and single track, mostly pretty rough stuff.


With your weight the stock springs (assuming they are still stock) will work pretty good for you. Also, make sure that you have good clean oil in your forks...this itself can make a huge difference, however, lets assume that your suspension is in serviceable codition. If it's not, have it serviced.

Your clicker settings can vary quite a bit depending where in WA you are riding. If you are riding somewhere tight and gnarly like Reiter or Walker Valley don't be afraid to go all the way out with your compression clickers front and back. This will absorb all the roots and rocks and reduce deflection. As long as you have the correct springs the bike will stay up in the stroke just fine.

If you are going to be hitting an area like Saddle Mountain you will want to set your comp. clickers to somewhere around 10 out or less to deal with the higher speeds and whoops.

I am no suspension guru by any stretch of the imagination so just take these as guidelines...they work for me. On my rebound I usually go as far out as I can without the bike becoming 'springy' but tweak it often depending on where I am riding.

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