'01 wr 426 and yz 426 head pipe the same?

the parts guy said they were, i asked him to make shure on the microfiche and he said he was...so if that's the case then .1 an aftermarket slip on would,i assume, give you yz like affect..and 2. what are the flow/power characteristicts of the stock(unplugged) wr exhaust..does it just make it's power lower in the rpm, uncorked is it comparable to a yz/aftermarket, or is it just a great big flow plug. thanks.

Yep the head pipes are the same for the two models for any given year. All silencers have different power characteristics. Some develop more power down low and loose up top and some visa-versa. An 02 YZ pipe is the best silencer for an increase in power all over the power band for my money. A YZ pipe will let your bike rev much quicker than an uncorked WR pipe. I noticed no loss of power anywhere in the band, I only saw improvements.

Mr Toyz

We put my 01 header on my buddys 99 so he wouldnt have to pull the damn thing off to change the oil filter.Whoever designed the early headers must have been smokin pot! All the headers from 400s and 426s will interchange.

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