So im looking at a 450. The bikes in my area in my price range are 2002-2004 crf 450's and 2003-2004 yz450f's. I know there will probably be some bias towards the yzf's but im a little unsure of the four speed tranny. Do any of you guys have any experience with the honda's of the years im looking at? Im concernced with the valva life and overall durability of the crfs. I have owned several yamahas and none have EVER given me an issue. What would you guys go for? How was the 2002 crf 450?? How bad is the 4 spd yzf tranny?

The four speed is not bad at all. The 4 gears are spread farther apart so that they cover a similar speed range, and of all the four speed MX bikes that have been available in recent years, Yamahas are the ones least complained about.

The early steel frame YZ450's are reliable to an incredible degree, but remember that these bikes are now 5 or so years old, and are going to start needing work eventually. They were more nimble than your 426, but not as much so as the CRF's you mentioned.

Then again, the early CRF's were not widely praised for their excellent handling manners overall, either, and they were a long way from being reliable.

I raced an '04 YZ450 in the woods for almost 3 years. The four speed worked great. With a Rekluse clutch, the supposed gear gaps were unnoticable.

I race a 2004 YZ450 and I really don't mind the 4-speed tranny.

I have found myself looking for a 5th gear, but that's my own fault. I need to learn to rap my gears out better. Every time I do that, I never need more gears.

I have found myself looking for a 5th gear, ...

I find myself looking for 6th sometimes. It's an MX bike. Close ratio transmission :thumbsup:
I find myself looking for 6th sometimes.QUOTE]

I had the same problem on my Harley..... ended up buying a Baker 6 speed.........:thumbsup:

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