Development ideas needed for TT graphic kit

Guys, I'm developing my graphics kit for the YZF/WRF model Yamahas and want to get any input I can from all of you.

My thoughts are to do a ThumperTalk theme as I'm sure it would sell well amoung TT members. I've talked to Bryan (TT moderator) and the idea would be to sell these exclusively on the TT Online Store to help support the site.

These graphics would be equal quality of the kits that One Industries sells.

So, what wishes would you want in the design? Need your input. Colors, shapes, whatever?


ben, check your pm

ice blue flames somewhere in the design. that would be cool.

The more feedback I get the sooner I can offer them. Once I send the final design to the print it will take about 6 weeks to complete the first run of about 50 sets. It looks like I'll be able to offer them at a cost pretty close to what you pay retail for One Industries stuff.

About the "Old School" I need a pic, I have no idea what you are talkin about.

you can email me anything you have at


Blue, Grey, Black colors would be cool. Ben could you pleeeaaaase create a set for the IMS / YZ seat tank.... I would buy 2, plus I know a few friends with the same tank that would probably ante up... :)

I like the flame idea. How bout some orange ones, with some slashes of silver?

Im a graphics guy, so if you want me to whip up some let me know!

I think the blue flame idea would be awesome.

I would love to see some old school yellow and black. Blue is good but some different colors would be good. Silver and black, red and white, yellow and black. More and more people are getting away from the stock blue. I am currently going to a black plastic scheme. I would love to have some yellow graphics.

I have blue flames with little voodoo skulls around my wrist tattooed up my forearm it would be nice if my bike matched my arm.

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The "old school" Yamaha blocks parallel to the bike and the ThumperTalk logo across the top. In Silver and blue with the TT verbage in the TT colors.


This sounds like a cool idea. When are you looking at a possible completion date?

First of all I continually visit the graphics page because I just cant find anything really different. To me there just doesn’t seem to be many that really stand out. Your best bet for sales is to put a design on the website and have everyone vote. That way you will be designing something a lot of people want. This is why the roost decal went so fast.

and like the tatoo little skullsin the flames yelling to get out. I like mixing the blue flames with a few orange ones. That would rock. And how much do one industries graphic kits cost. YOu should see if DR.D would want a hand in having his name on these. I am so excited. My bike is just plain blue. The factory graphics are long gone.

Well, the printing process is so complex and the set up fees are very expensive. So, for now it will have to be basically one design that the masses will enjoy. I'd love to do custom stuff and actually could do custom stuff, but the cost for one or two sets is astronomical. We are talkin like nearly $400 for just a tank and shrouds kit if you only print one. So if anyone is so rich they can afford that, let me know and I can accomodate you...

There is already a company making flame graphic kits. Factory Efex if I'm correct.

I will definately post what the design will look like and get a vote. I can't afford to blindly make these assuming everyone will like them. I'm going to be fronting $ thousands in production costs that I can't afford to lose.


Yeah, not everyone is going to go for the flame idea anyway...I have to live with the tats for the rest of my life...isn't that why we get 'em? It would be cool if it just said 'Thumper Talk'...kinda like a rip off the way the Husabergs look...just a thought. Did you ever think of having everyone pitch in a few bucks for the set up cost? This site is 'free' after all. If you got 10-20 bucks from everyone...maybe do a raffle type thing too... for tires,exhaust,bars, maybe an understanding new wife/girlfriend. :)

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh boy

The raffle thing is cool idea, but this isn't my forum. I'm a member just like everyone else.

But raffles can be a pain to manage as well. And I'm sure Bryan and Bill have enough going on as it is.

In the end, I see these graphics probably costing a little more than most, but then you have to remember a good part of the proceeds will go to running TT.


Here are some ideas for the old school look. These are truly vintage YZ.




I kind of like the 1973-74 IT400 look myself. I will try to find some pictures.

Opps, make that the 1983-84 IT400 look.

I have to second the old IT look :) Sort of dedication to the original blue wonder. Yes, I have had 4 IT's in the past.

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