looking for an idea

my first mod to my bike was a bigger tank. however my petcock is in constant contact with a cooling fin-is this something i should dremel or are there other ways to get around this "hot" problem?

Start by telling us what bike you have followed by which tank you got for it.

I know 650Rs don't have cooling fins, but it's often prudent to not assume anything around here. It could be an XL500, XL600, XR600, or XR650L, all of which have significant differences based on year.

Guessing the 650l, 600r. If the petcock will move away from the engine by raising the tank, use some rubber as a shim on the frame under the tank.

thx, it's a 07 xlr650. shimming is a good idea yet the p/c points more inward as it descends making it more likely worse. i've thought of replacing the p/c with a smaller one if there is one out there. thx again and any other ideas would be helpful.

oh yeah, i can't find the receipt so i gotta guess at the tank being the natural colored ims 3.8 gallon.

sorry it's a 4 gallon. just got done with taxes and i have stuff scattered everywhere.

WELCOME TO TT sorry thats about all i can add for help though LOL maybe get a pic, havent heard of people having problems when they change over to larger tanks like your having.

what part of CA?

imperial beach, south of san diego. like to ride otay and get to ride occasionally with friends in temecula. one has a ktm 525? and the other has a dzr400. i'll see if i can snap a pic. brb soon.

having trouble getting pic posted-got a tip?

Get an account with a free image hosting service like photobucket.com, upload your pics, and post a link here.

I have the Ims 4.0 gal. No issues. If you are saying its get closer as it decends, then shiming under tank on top of the frame, will raise it therefore giving clearance. You can try draining the tank and leave it the sun so it get really hot, then try to spread it, creating room.

Is that tank straight?

also when you get that link to put the pic on use this in front of the link and after respectively ie......www.pic.com like that just type it in and it will show the pic where some cant see hosted pics. Ill peep tonight

as far as i can tell it's straight, brackets are properly placed and bike hasn't been dropped since i got tank. so bay motorsports installed it and said they had no idea what to do about the contact.

maybe it's a defective tank, improperly molded. i wonder if it's warrantied 'cause i think my p/c should not be in any contact with motor.

maybe it's a defective tank, improperly molded. i wonder if it's warrantied 'cause i think my p/c should not be in any contact with motor.

no it shouldnt touch the head, thats definitely gonna wear and not a good thing since if it leaks from the vibration and all its gonna drip fuel onto a hot cylinder. I think its a defect possibly and DEFINITELY would get ahold of the shop that installed it. They should have never let it leave that way to begin with, and they cant say they didnt know if they told you they didnt have a clue why its like that.

Check to see if the rubber grommet is installed upside-down.

I have the same bike, and the same tank. Also, you might have to get a pair of vice grips and bend the mounting tabs. No option but to get in there and get your hands dirty.


thx, first i'll go back to shop. if they can't/won't help then i'll get to fixin it myself. thx for the info.

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