Question about top tripple clamp with xr600s

Alright I ordered the gpr stabalizer (they ended up being back ordered). Anyways they said it was for a 97 and newer xr600. Mines an 94 and the tripple clamp and bar mounts or cast into one clamp. I was wondering if the 97 had removable bar mounts and thats why its for a 97 and newer? If that is correct can I just take a 97 and new tripple and place it on the 94? Also will the xr400 or any other models fit?


Honda lists the same part number for 93 through 2000. I'd say it will fit fine.

Not only that but I have used 97 XR600r triples on my 89 XR600r and off a 98 XR650L and they all bolted up fine. When off the bike I couldn't "See" a difference. If there is a different part number, it is probably due to color and material, and perhaps for the L a tapped hole for the speedo. Other than that they look identical to me.

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