Clutch Problems, my 2006, XR 650 R

Hi Guys,

Any advice on how to save my clutch for more miles. At the moment I am doing a clutch every 1000km's.

I live in Dubai and we do a lot of desert riding. Parts are not readily available here, luckily I can rely on TT for a steady supply. Are there any heavy duty clutch kits in the market.

Also looking to replace the exhaust, any suggestions?


I use the Hinson basket, updated bushing, and magura hydraulic cluthch, and always use OEM clutches, I ride the bike (II cam,eddie, custom pipe,680 motor) like it's stolen.... street and dirt and have had great results w/ this setup..................

Are you still using the stock clutch with judder? If yes pull out everything and go back with 7 stock fibers and 6 steel, clutches will last longer with this pack and pull much harder.This is the kit Honda used in their Baja bikes. If it squeals or moans, don't be frightened.

Theres a HRC kit @ honda check that.

no judder w/ the hinson, remove it, it jerks a bit but it isn't a trials bike........

Had a look at the Hinson baskets and clutch kits. Can't find a Magura hydraulic clutch to suit the XR650 though?

If I remove the judder it won't have any long term harmfull effect on the bike?

Any advice on exhaust system, so far looking at white bros.

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