be vewy quiet, i'm hunting wabbit,.. eheheh..

anybody know anything bout the fmf Q silencers? FMFRACING.COM says they register at 93 dB for our bikes. i am running a stock yz400f silencer on my wr. does anyone know the dB reading for that setup? would the Q quiet my bike down at all?

second, i was running my xr200 with the muffler unplugged, and needed no jetting change, but recently had to replug it for sound resons. i am now wondering if i can gain some of the lost performance back by taking the snorkel out of the airbox? would i need to rejet after that mod, and would it be worth doing (any ricks that come with removing the snorkel lid)?



After my first ride on my unplugged stock wr 426 I decided that I needed to hear not go deaf! So iI bought a Q pipe, It sill put out 100 db!

I called FMF and bitched. FMF rebuilt and redsigned the core and sent it backto me. 98DB!

Once again I complained and they sent me a powerbomb header N/C.93db with both and my ears dont ring anymore.My friends also like me Better.

That really sucks...I use all kinds of FMF gear and the Bastards would not even send me a set of FMF decals for my Race trailer.....

Those Idiots wanted to charge me $12.95 apiece to advertise their product....I THINK NOT!

Bonzai :)

Yeah, what's up with THAT. Don't you agree that graphics kits from FMF, Yoshimura, and other non-OEM equipment makers should be LESS money than the OEM graphics? Stickers should be given away like candy. At least FMF is good enough to send a few along with their pipes; Yoshimura gives you two tiny rear fender stickers. Renthal is pretty good about sending nice stickers with their stuff.

I know this is dragging the post off-topic, but as far as stickers go, it always amazes me that Fox Racing couldn't pop one in with each garment they sell... they sell them for a good profit (made in China) - but instead you have to go pay a premium for their stickers if you want to advertise for them... I have a good mind to get out a sewing machine or texta marker and turn all their logo's into 'Box Racing' My AlpineStars came with stickers, Shoei Helmet came with stickers... Just letting off steam...

I feel better now... I am a bit bitchy because over the weekend I had the rod and screws removed from my leg... I am obviously either tired, still 'morhpined' out, or just realise I can't ride my bike for a few weeks...


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