pop-pop, fiz-fiz, can u telll me what jetting is?

thanks in advance for any help.

i am working on a 1990 mojave. it runs better with half choke or rear of carb blocked up. sounds too lean, correct? the main jet had a # of 132 on it. i looked at a schematic, and that is the smallest # for that jet you can get. that mean leaner than stock? starter jet is a 55 (top # in list) it backfires some, and when it does the flame inside the pipe is yellow, almost white. the flame on my bro's yz400 is yellow, and the flame on mine is blue when it backfires. (if that has anything to do with it?)

thanks again

racer36 :)


Use the standard jetting as listed in the kawasaki parts fiche, or your friendly, local Kaw shop.

Yes, the condition you described sounds brutally lean.

Also check the float height.

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