Grease my bike?

Hello all!

This is my first post here. w00t! I bought a 2007 YZ450f a couple weeks ago and this forum is a great resource!

I saw that someone posted in the 2008 YZ450f Review that she took apart her bike and greased everything because all YZ450fs need this because the grease is spread pretty thin from the factory. Is this true?

I tried searching the forums for this for 45 mins with no results for instructions to do this.

What should I grease and what kind of grease should I pack my bearings with?

Thank you all!

Yes, it is true. The factory uses a fairly light grease, and while it really is adequate, it won't last too long. Some dealerships will deal with this during prep, but not many.

Clean and regrease the steering head, swing arm, and rear linkage using an extreme pressure (EP, EP2) general purpose grease that is water resistant and preferably contains moly disulfide.

Don't be afraid to use a little anti seize on nuts and bolts, particularly the tank shrouds!

Thanks for the advise!

I am having great success using Amsoil Synth Water proof grease for the bearings. It does not break down as easy as Belray Waterproof grease

I ended up using Kendall Super-blu grease to grease everything. Its good that I got to it when I did! my steering stem bearings where very dry. My friend that I ride with took his apart and greased his bike too. He had not done it yet either as he was not aware of the lack of lube from the Yamaha factory. As a result he needs new steering bearings. So thank you to this site, or our problems would be much worse!

What do you think of this grease? I couldn't find any of the recommenced brands in my small town automotive store...

Thanks again!

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